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New Music — and the plan for future "single" releases

The music shown on this page is to be (or may have already been) released under the terms of the Ambassador Club. Initially, it is exclusive to the members of the Ambassador Club (to join, use the Ambassador Club button).

One year after being sent to the Ambassador Club members, the music will be available, on a Bulk-Buy basis, to any Caller as a package that could include other older Ambassador Editions at special discounted prices; details of these offers are shown on the Ambassador Club Page.

Two years after the initial exclusive release, the tunes will become available — on an individual basis — the schedule for individual releases, from the most recent Editions of the Ambassador Club, is shown below:

Adobe Reader Foxit Reader Adobe Reader (or a compatible program such as Foxit Reader) is required in order to view the PDF lyrics/story sheets. Dates shown are original release and release as single (if originally released through the Ambassador Club).

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STING 22307 Piper to the End
released:2023-04-01 single:2025-10-01
Thorsten Geppert MusicLoLeadVocalLyrics See Ambassador Club
STING 22303 Fireball XLS
released:2023-04-01 single:2025-09-01
Paul Bristow MusicLoLeadVocalLyrics See Ambassador Club
STING 22302 Easy
released:2023-04-01 single:2025-08-01
Paddy Böhnke MusicLoLeadVocalLyrics See Ambassador Club
STING 22313 Under the Moon of Love
released:2023-04-01 single:2025-07-01
Bronc Wise MusicLoLeadVocalLyrics See Ambassador Club
STING 22309 Storm in a Teacup
released:2023-04-01 single:2025-06-01
Paul Bristow MusicLoLeadVocalLyrics See Ambassador Club
STING 22312 Room at the Top of the Stairs, The
released:2023-04-01 single:2025-05-01
Uli Schingen MusicLoLeadVocalLyrics See Ambassador Club
STING 22306 Love Really Hurts Without You
released:2023-04-01 single:2025-04-01
Thorsten Geppert MusicLoLeadVocalLyrics See Ambassador Club
STING 22310 Strawberry Fields
released:2023-04-01 single:2025-03-01
Paul Bristow MusicLoLeadVocalLyrics See Ambassador Club
STING 22311 Pushbike Song, The
released:2023-04-01 single:2025-02-01
Mike Davey MusicLoLeadVocalLyrics See Ambassador Club
STING 22305 Little Arrows
released:2023-04-01 single:2025-01-01
Granville Spencer MusicLoLeadVocalLyrics See Ambassador Club
STING 22304 I Should Be So Lucky
released:2023-04-01 single:2024-12-01
Cherish Bristow MusicLoLeadVocalLyrics See Ambassador Club
STING 22308 Queen Medley
released:2023-04-01 single:2024-11-01
Sven Klusacek Siemens MusicVocalLyrics See Ambassador Club
STING 22351 Bamboozle (Patter)
released:2023-04-01 single:2024-10-01
Bronc Wise MusicVocalLyrics See Ambassador Club
STING 22301 Caroline
released:2023-04-01 single:2024-10-01
Paul Bristow MusicB sideLoLeadVocalLyrics See Ambassador Club
STING 22211 Mississippi (Bob Dylan)
released:2022-04-01 single:2024-09-01
Ralf Bender MusicLoLeadVocalLyrics See Ambassador Club
STING 22217 What I Know
released:2022-04-01 single:2024-08-01
Ralf Bender MusicVocalLyrics See Ambassador Club
STING 22212 Move It
released:2022-04-01 single:2024-07-01
Paul Bristow MusicLoLeadVocalLyrics See Ambassador Club
STING 22214 Scusé Moi My Heart
released:2022-04-01 single:2024-06-01
Uli Schingen MusicLoLeadVocalLyrics See Ambassador Club
STING 22201 Groovy Kind of Love, A
released:2022-04-01 single:2024-05-01
Mike Davey MusicLoLeadVocalLyrics See Ambassador Club
STING 22205 Do You Wanna Dance
released:2022-04-01 single:2024-04-01
Paul Bristow, Granville Spencer, Cherish Bristow MusicHarmonyLoLeadVocalLyrics See Ambassador Club
STING 22209 I Think We're Alone Now
released:2022-04-01 single:2024-03-01
Bronc Wise MusicLoLeadVocalLyrics See Ambassador Club
STING 22207 Have I the Right
released:2022-04-01 single:2024-02-01
Paul Bristow MusicLoLeadVocalLyrics See Ambassador Club
STING 22213 Roller Coaster
released:2022-04-01 single:2024-01-01
Thorsten Geppert MusicLoLeadVocalLyrics See Ambassador Club
STING 22215 Lady Loves Me, The
released:2022-04-01 single:2023-12-01
Paul Bristow, Cherish Bristow MusicA sideB sideLoLeadVocalLyrics See Ambassador Club

24 titles displayed

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